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Interview: Paola Cillo

Luxury brands looking towards large multinational companies for top managers

Associate Professor Paola Cillo

In luxury brand management, experiences are everything. This starts with luxurious shops and attentive sales assistants, involves personalized products and visual icons and leads to creating an exclusive circle of clients that draws customers like moths to the light.


Interview: Karsten Knorr

The Epitome of Working Globally

Image: Karsten Knorr of Coboat

What will the future of work look like? Scientists and business school professors alike have been exploring this question for decades. Most agree that it will be more global, flexible and independent than our current work places. And some have embraced this future notion already: These so called digital nomads share co-working spaces across the world working from Thailand one month and from Italy the next.

Bildnachweis: Pixabay
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Was tun, wenn der Chef keine Ahnung hat?

Im Spiegel gibt Karrierebibel-Autor Jochen Mai Tipps für Arbeitnehmer mit schwierigen Vorgesetzen. Sein Rat: einfach mal ein bisschen dumm stellen.

Bildnachweis: Pixabay
News | Führung

Wie Chefs sich richtig entschuldigen

Wenn etwas schief läuft, suchen viele Führungskräfte gerne mal erst die Schuld beim Mitarbeiter, aber gelegentlich soll auch ihnen mal der eine oder andere Fehler unterlaufen. Dann...

Picture: Production Perig / fotolia
News | Career + Application

How to look good in a performance review

The usefulness of performance reviews has been much discussed lately, but research shows many companies still find them useful. They can in fact be an opportunity to discuss...

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Do we need consensus-oriented leaders or benevolent dictators?

What’s best: dictatorial top-down leadership or empowering from the bottom-up? That is the wrong question, says Julian Birkinshaw, professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship,...

Picture: julianbirkinshaw.com
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Leadership lessons from Brexit

In our last newsletter we spoke to Peter Birdsall from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands about the ramifications from Brexit for the EU as well as Great...

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London Business School: Five reasons why leaders fail

Leadership has to be adaptive. Effective leadership involves being the right person, at the right time and place, doing the right thing. This means leadership can take myriad forms...

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Ten habits of good bosses

Now and then you read articles in career sections about good leadership skills and what makes a great boss. Managing people is a skill that is not as easy to learn as your ABC. It...

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News | Leadership + Management

When saying no is the way to go

Difficult as it may be, saying no can be the key to effective leadership, argues Elizabeth Doty, a former lab fellow of Harvard University’s Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics and...

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Mondays are not that bad, after all

According to the Well-Being Index by Gallup, the worst day of the week is Tuesday - but only just. As it turns out, all weekdays are rated equally as bad compared with the joys of...

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DDI study: MBA degree doesn’t guarantee leadership

A study by Development Dimensions International (DDI), a global leadership development consultancy, has confirmed what most of us knew already: An MBA degree does create good...


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