Would you switch jobs for a pay rise?

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Picture: Eisenhans / fotolia

Are we all mercenaries? Across all industries, more than eight out of ten workers would leave if offered a 20 per cent pay rise, with as many as 94 per cent of those working in media saying they would quit their current job for a bigger pay packet.

In the insurance industry, construction or mining and energy sectors 89 per cent would move on for a better salary. This is the outcome of a study by, the salary benchmark site, which asked 1,950 professionals if they would switch jobs for more money.

Results show that those with the lowest salaries are more prone to switching jobs when offered a pay rise, while many high-paid people say they would not quit their current job for a bigger pay check. It is surprising to see that bankers and consultants are at the bottom of these rankings, since they are often lampooned as ambitious individuals willing to sacrifice their personal life for a high-paying job, according to

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