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Closing the global gender gap could release 300 billion dollars in annual global spending by 2025. This is the outcome of a report, which the investment company BNY Mellon recently released in partnership with the UN Foundation. Jyoti Chopra, its chief diversity officer, is therefore focused on how to advance opportunities for women across the glob

A significant part of that mission is to encourage women to build a professional support system that opens doors for others along the career way. Fortune Magazine reports what she has to say:

“When facing professional crossroads, the guidance of a close group of trusted colleagues and friends is truly invaluable. Assemble a group of mentors who understand your goals and may have a clearer view of how to achieve them. Rely on this group to advocate for you, advise you, and walk you through how they’ve made their own goals come to fruition.”

Building a network is not just about mingling with new people, she says. It’s about having a real and reciprocal stake in your connections and their success. “Aim to surround yourself with a cross-section of professionals, ranging in experience, role and industry. Look to people who inspire you and take the time to consider their unique perspectives.” Women should foster these cross-sectional relationships through business and employee networks.

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