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A study by Johnson and Johnson showed that the highest performers in the workforce were also those who displayed a higher emotional intelligence. More successful managers and leaders showed increased self-awareness, self-management, and empathy – cornerstones of emotional intelligence. 

So, how can you develop your emotional intelligence? It is not only about knowing your own emotions, writes Ashley Stahl, a career coach who helps millennials get job offers, in Forbes magazine. It is also the ability to recognize emotions in others – and use this to effectively manage relationships that can contribute to professional success.

1. Assess your reactions to stressors. Emotionally intelligent people recognize that negative reactions create negative experiences, and practice self-management.

2. Choose your words wisely. Expanding your vocabulary can help you become a stronger communicator, an extremely valuable tool in the workplace. Had a bad meeting? Get more specific. Was it disorganized? Tense? Unproductive? Emotionally intelligent people tend to use more specific words that can help communicate deficiencies and immediately work to address them.

3. Walk a mile in their shoes. Be a better listener. You cannot understand another person if you are not focused on them. Being empathetic has proven to have numerous benefits in the workplace including increased employee satisfaction, and greater strategic alignment.

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