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All Co-Workers aboard

What will the future of work look like? Scientists and business school professors alike have been exploring this question for decades. Most agree that it will be more global, flexible and independent than our current work places. And some have embraced this future notion already: These so called digital nomads share co-working spaces across the world working from Thailand one month and from Italy the next. One take on this is the "Coboat", a sailing catamaran that can accommodate up to 20 people and will circumnavigate the globe from November onwards. ...


Luxury brands looking towards large multinational companies for top managers

In luxury brand management, experiences are everything. This starts with luxurious shops and attentive sales assistants, involves personalized products and visual icons and leads to creating an exclusive circle of clients that draws customers like moths to the light....


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News | Leadership + Management

Indicators of success

A study by Johnson and Johnson showed that the highest performers in the workforce were also those who displayed a higher emotional intelligence. More successful managers and...

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News | Karrieren international

Young women must start to see themselves as leaders

“More than 75 per cent of CEOs include gender equality in their top ten business priorities, but gender outcomes across the largest companies are not changing. Our research...

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News | Karrieren international

Dublin is the best place for Brexit-refugees in banking

Within the EU, Dublin is the best destination for London-based bankers forced to move after Brexit, according to an index of 15 cities compiled by Movinga, a relocation company....

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News | Karrieren international

The right way for women to network

Closing the global gender gap could release 300 billion dollars in annual global spending by 2025. This is the outcome of a report, which the investment company BNY Mellon recently...

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News | Karrieren international

Business schools’ concerned about international student hiring

It is getting harder for international students in the US to find a job after graduation. These concerns emerged in a recent research by the MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance...

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News | Karrieren international

Insead research: How business can deal with populist pressure

The rise of populism has changed the game for multinationals, writes Quy Huy (picture). According to the Insead Professor of Strategic Management the pendulum of power has swung...

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News | Karrieren international

Career on auto pilot? Three signs you crossed the line between comfort and complacency

“It’s easy to become complacent in your career, to trade comfort for challenges and mistake staleness for stability," according to Forbes magazine. Here are three signs that you...

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News | Karrieren international

What successful people do on Sunday night

Veg on the sofa, eat too much pizza and be sorry for yourself – the Sunday night blues is real for three out of four people, according to a 2015 survey by job site Monster....

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News | Karrieren international

MBA helps to change industries

More than half of graduate business school alumni are currently employed in an industry or job function they did not work in prior to entering business school, according to a...

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News | Karrieren international

The world’s most talent competitive countries in 2017

Insead’s Global Talent Competitiveness Index in 2017 praises two countries that have already been successful in past years: Switzerland and Singapore. They take this year’s top...

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News | Karrieren international

You’ve graduated and then?

Students who graduate 2017 have to start thinking about their career choices after an MBA. Many have specific goals and a clear pathway ahead, but others are open to whatever comes...

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News | Nicht auf Startseite

Career resolutions for a meaningful year at work

More sports and a better diet, less TV and booze – how about a few career resolutions this year? We’ve all seen the research about how many people are not engaged in their work....

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News | Karrieren international

The jobs and places with the best work-life balance

Engineering and IT workers are much happier with their work-life balance than people in other fields. Location, gender, and seniority level also have a major impact on work-life...

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News | Karrieren international

How to write good networking emails

Writing “Remember me?” or even, “You probably don’t remember me…” will not cut it in networking emails to someone you barely know, reports The Daily Muse. While you’re coming from...

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News | Karrieren international

Advance your career each day. Here is how.

Where do you want to be in five years time? According to Forbes magazine that is not necessarily the right question. Who knows if a specific job, company, or market will even exist...

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News | Karrieren international

Want to meet a Unicorn? Go to Stockholm!

With a population of less than 900,000, Stockholm has been mid-wife to the creation of global brands like Skype, Spotify, Minecraft and Candy Crush Saga. Experts say a number of...

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News | Karrieren international

The gender gap in engagement

According to consulting firm The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) latest research shows that some of the world’s biggest and best-known companies have lower engagement than they...

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News | Karrieren international

How to be likeable at first sight

Are you hireable? Or dateable? Friendable? People judge you within seconds after meeting you. So it’s a good idea to be the most likeable you can when meeting new people. Business...

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News | Karrieren international

How to look good in a performance review

The usefulness of performance reviews has been much discussed lately, but research shows many companies still find them useful. They can in fact be an opportunity to discuss...

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News | Nicht auf Startseite

McKinsey: Gender-gap still huge

“More than 75 per cent of CEOs include gender equality in their top ten business priorities, but gender outcomes across the largest companies are not changing. Women are less...


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