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Female confidence sabotaged

Interview with Henrik Naujoks

Henrik Naujoks, partner at Management Consultancy Bain & Company in Germany, on the question of why so few women make it into the C-suite. ...


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Indicators of success

A study by Johnson and Johnson showed that the highest performers in the workforce were also those who displayed a higher emotional intelligence. More successful managers and...

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Young women must start to see themselves as leaders

“More than 75 per cent of CEOs include gender equality in their top ten business priorities, but gender outcomes across the largest companies are not changing. Our research...

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Insead research: How business can deal with populist pressure

The rise of populism has changed the game for multinationals, writes Quy Huy (picture). According to the Insead Professor of Strategic Management the pendulum of power has swung...

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20 questions for leaders

What the hell is leadership? How can I work here and still be me? How do we win? What will help us to make smarter decisions? Strategy & Business collected 20 questions any leader...

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More harassment because of Trump?

Sexual harassment became a key issue in the U.S. presidential election, with allegations surfacing over President Donald Trump’s past treatment of women, including a leaked...

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How to boost innovation

Sustainable innovation doesn’t necessarily need a lot of investment. As Elisa Operti (photo), Professor of Management at ESSEC Business School, found, companies can benefit just by...

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Neuroscience and leadership: How to make better decisions

Putting the latest results of neuroscience into practice can help people develop the habit of better decision-making, even in difficult and uncertain circumstances, argues Strategy...

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Do we need consensus-oriented leaders or benevolent dictators?

What’s best: dictatorial top-down leadership or empowering from the bottom-up? That is the wrong question, says Julian Birkinshaw, professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship,...

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New online degree in development finance

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management launched a new Master programme in September. “Leadership in Development Finance” is an English-language master’s degree course which is...

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What Leicester City and Claudio Ranieri can teach business leaders

How did the Italian football coach Claudio Ranieri take Leicester City – a team tipped for relegation - to the Premier League title and what can business leaders learn from him?...


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